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Beyond Quantum Healing- A Journey to the Sacred Levels of Being

We may have mapped so much of our physical world, but our internal world, where we return every night in sleep, is still largely unchartered territory. I have always been fascinated by this part of ourselves that reaches beyond the physical into the ethereal parts of our reality. This mystifying unquantifiable space within defies logic and reason, and yet has its own language and means of symbolic communication that when brought into awareness can feel magic and offer us powerful insight and guidance.

I was drawn to the Quantum healing hypnosis Technique (QHHT®), a healing modality created by Delores Canon, because it is such a gentle and effective way to provide people with access to this sacred inner space. The technique involves guiding a person into a deep state of trance through visualization. This profound state is one which, under normal circumstances, is experienced only twice daily: those moments just as you drift in and out of sleep.

Because this state is so multi-dimensional and mysterious, hypnotists historically have avoided working at this level of awareness. However, Delores, not afraid of exploring unknown territory, discovered that she could communicate with infinitely wise, powerful, and healing aspects in this space. Through her methods clients were able to connect to their higher selves and guides, explore past and parallel lives, and heal deep patterns and blocks. For 45 years Delores honed her technique and taught it to practitioners around the world. 

Recently however, practitioners working with this technique began to find that while this modality was incredibly valuable, there were certain formulas and protocols to be adhered to that some found limiting and not conducive to changing times and consciousness. Thus Candace Craw Goldman, a QHHT practitioner for more than 10 years who worked closely with Delores Cannon, created Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), a free-flowing form of quantum healing.

Beyond Quantum healing differs from the original technique in that it is a completely organic process. The client is guided down to the deep inner realm and asked to describe the very first image or impression that appears before them. From there the magical healing journey unfolds. Because there is no road map as to where the client is led, the practitioner is required to rely on their intuition for guidance and most importantly, to trust the clients’ own process.

This is actually what I find so exciting about this internally driven modality, as a practitioner my job is not to heal or fix the client, rather it is about holding space and allowing a process to unfold. What I have discovered is that the more I am able to trust the process,  knowing that it is perfectly attuned to the client’s own unique needs, the more profound, astounding, and deeply healing the session is.

I am always amazed at the highly personal and unique nature of each journey. Some people’s journeys are highly metaphorical. In this type of session stories and symbols will manifest in the clients awareness. These stories and symbols will be loaded with keys that provide deep personal insight and understanding. Some people experience significant slices of past, future, or parallel lives that assist them to understand current life patterns and blocks. Some people experience aspects of their wider galactic story that assists them to access celestial gifts and attune to their highest expression of being.

Because people spend between 1.5 and 2 hours immersed in this deep space, there is lots of room to explore and most sessions include aspects of all the above. However, regardless of exactly what and how our higher self chooses to communicate, what is always evident is that the content generated in this state is incredibly rich and valuable. I am continually blown away by profound and intelligent way the narrative reveals the beauty of the client’s inner world and the keys and knowledge that allows them to heal and move forward.

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