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Collective beyond series

Part 1

I know I am always going on about how unique each person’s BQH sessions are, but in the next few blogs I am going to talk about something else, the similarities. The specific similarities I am going to discuss relate to the realms or dimensions we access in sessions, and what we encounter. What I have noted is the deeper we are able to drop in our inner world, the more we are able to access the wider, more collective levels of being. We really do contain universes within.

It is amazing to consider that as we lay back into our comfy beds and close our eyes, we have the ability to travel in a way that that is completely ethereal, and yet can bring us to places and states that feel as real as external, physical destinations. But what is particularly interesting is that even though our inner worlds, which we access through the lens of our subconscious, are unique, when we work with enough people we will inevitably come across similarities, many of which the parallels go beyond logical explanations.

Even though my personal experiences have shown me without a shadow of doubt that we are able to access quantum states that connect us far beyond the limitations of our personal inner landscapes, having been raised in a rationally constrained family, I still get excited when I witness content in sessions that demonstrates the reality of our larger, soul level, interconnected states of existence.

A person looking into the wider alternative spiritual communities, will discover a general cosmology, or popular lore, that while not always completely consistent, brings together broad ideas such as dimensions, spirits, entities, guides, soul family and soul plans. This information has concepts compiled into an overreaching spiritual framework that has specific elements highlighted and corroborated, through a variety of means such as ancient texts, NDE experiencers, psychedelic users, quantum physicists, hypnotherapists like Dolores Canon, Michael Newton, occultists, channelers, astral travellers and so on. 

There are clients who come for a session, who have researched popular lore around what exists in our wider reality. These people have developed their own understanding of the cosmos and what it contains, largely based on what they’ve heard from outside sources. So, when these people experience aspects that align with popular ideas, naysayers can easily explain this as their subconscious drawing on previously known content. However, witnessing the powerful emotions, and insight that these experiences elicit, leads me to believe the relevancy goes much, much deeper.

And, what is especially intriguing, is every so often I have a person who comes for a session who was never drawn to look beyond the mundane; who knows nothing of what is purported to be in the wider cosmos they reach through their inner world. When these people spontaneously encounter components of the wider lore, without any previous awareness of it, it is fascinating because it implies the states they accessed through their subconscious, allowed them to glimpse beyond their personal world, into something that exists as part of a collective experience.

In the next few blogs I will explore some of these reoccurring elements. Look out for the next one on blue beings.

Christina Lavers (Dip Clinical Hypnotic Sciences), has been a BQH practitioner since the training program launched in 2018. Located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia, she works with people from all over the world. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. "As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!"

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BQH and Parts Work

I had a client whose intention for her BQH session was to bring more clarity and cohesion to her inner system. I do parts therapy in my hypnotherapy and coaching work, but had never used BQH specifically for this type of exploration. I was very curious to see how the session would unfold.

The idea of parts therapy is that we have different parts of ourselves, with different strengths and weaknesses, that play different roles in our lives. Most of us organized our inner systems unconsciously, often in reaction to upsetting or traumatic situations. As small children with limited understanding of ourselves and our world, we did the best we could. So, it is not surprising that for many of us the way our systems are organized are not ideal for living well. For example, often wounded, young parts come to the fore when we are triggered, or experiencing stress. A classic example would be someone who struggles with confrontation. People often report that they feel small and lose their ability to speak eloquently when confronted. Parts therapy approaches would explain this as a pattern of having the wrong part operating in the wrong situation.

It turned out exploring this inner system through BQH proved very enlightening. After, experiencing some playful fairy wisdom, the client came across a group of beings moving in a circle. There was a small being in the center that looked forlorn. She wanted to go to the small one to offer comfort, but there was one particular protective being that aggressively kept her away from the little one. When she asked why it would not let her pass it said that whenever they let someone in, they got hurt.

Another being, who the client described as wise, stepped forward to explain that this agitated protector aspect was running the show, dominating, and making life difficult for them all.

I acknowledged the important work this protector part was doing to keep the client safe, but also remarked how exhausting this job must be. The part agreed, it struggled with the intensity of its role. I asked what would help and another being stepped forward. ‘I am calm and I can help by bringing a sense of peace,’ this part said. When calm came to the fore a softening occurred.

But the agitated, protective part was not entirely assuaged and was still resistant to give up its hyper vigilance style. Another part then came forward who called itself discernment. This part said that if given time to assess, they could ascertain whether something was safe or not. Working together with calm and the protector, they could keep the system safe without needing to be in a constant state of alert. It was then agreed that discernment would be better suited to take over control of the internal alarm system, ensuring the nervous system would no longer need to be continually in threat mode. Having this support would mean the protective part would finally have room to step back and take a break, allowing it to function in a much more optimal state.

At this time another being stepped forward. This part called itself joy. “There has not been room for me up till now. Let me lead sometimes, trust me, and I will take us to great places.’

A sense of excitement was brewing. The client and her parts saw how by working together she could move forward in a way that felt safe, rather than going around in circles, focused on survival.

When checking in to establish if there were any parts that were not on board with changes, a part that said it struggled with trust came forward. Initially when asked what would help it to build trust, it said that it had to leave the group to find what it needed in the wider world.

The wise part then stepped in and said, ‘You will not find what you need to trust out there. This is an inside job. Each of us can help to build you up. It will take time, but the more we work together, instead of against each other, the easier it will be to trust.”

At this point the child part stepped up. ‘I want to lead sometimes too. I can be playful and fun.’ There was a sense of apprehension in the system at this potentially dangerous idea.

The wise part spoke again. “Each part will now have a chance to be heard, and collectively we will decide how best to move forward. Together we will decide the most suitable time for each part to lead, with consideration for the whole. With every step we take together, operating in a harmonious cohesion, rather than disjointedly, it will become increasingly easy to trust the momentum.

As the wise part said, transforming our reality is an inside job.  As people choose to bring more light of awareness, alignment and coherence to their internal systems, I hope to see more of this reflected in our external reality. The dog eat dog paradigm of one group dominating at the expense of another is old and tired. I see us preparing for a new stage of evolution, one where we will move from competition, discord and power-over, to collaboration, harmony and power-with. As within so without.

*dialogue is an approximation of what was said.

Do you have to be spiritual to do BQH?


A lot of people who are drawn to BQH are spiritual in nature. The most common reason people see me for a session is because they want to enhance their connection to the spiritual world. They want clearer more direct communication with guides and to understand their life path from a soul perspective.

However, I also have people contact me for sessions who have zero interest in spirituality. The beauty of BQH is that people don’t need to conform to any particular belief system to experience the beauty, magic and profound healing of a session.

The reason why this is the case is that whether our belief system expands into the numinous spiritual dimensions or not, we are intimately and directly connected to a realm that is equally as vast and mystifying, and yet completely accepted by science. This is the realm of the unconscious.

While science is able to document some of what we are capable of at the deeper levels, there is still a lot of mystery around what the unconscious is. It is certainly not something that can be dissected and examined under a microscope.

The unconscious is often compared to a computer. However, seeing the unconscious as a ‘super computer’ is really just a modern way of looking at this mysterious inner realm, one that fits in well with our modern scientific, technological worldview. Throughout history and cultures this tremendous inner force has been described much more poetically as ‘the soul’, ‘the muse’, ‘the higher self’ or ‘the Guardian Angel’.

This brings us to one of the reasons why this inner territory is so difficult to chart and understand definitively. Because while the unconscious is computer-like in its ability to store massive amounts of memory and to make connections at incredible speeds, it communicates more like an artist or a poet using imagery, symbolism, and metaphor to convey messages.

This is why BQH sessions can be such an effective way to access the immeasurable information landscape that exists within. Like a waking dream, in a BQH session the unconscious can present stories, metaphors, and symbols that bring incredible insights, enhance self-understanding and awareness, and help us to see from new perspectives.

It ultimately does not matter whether we see the information that comes through a session as a way for our spiritual support team to provide us with vital updates and guidance to access more of our multidimensional awareness and assist with our soul mission, or whether we simply see it as our unconscious communicating underlying beliefs, blocks and solutions that allow us to become better version of ourselves. We can choose to call it whatever we are most comfortable with. The important thing is learning to connect with the deeper aspects of self.


The Void

In my last article I described how sometimes the landscapes in which people find themselves while in an expanded state have features consistent with those that others in the trance state describe. This is one of the aspects that fascinates me as it suggests that while each experience is unique, facets of the Quantum field explored by individuals have objective qualities to them. Another fascinating landscape that often presents in sessions is the Void.  

While sitting on some rocks in the Himalayas contemplating the nature of reality, Peter Matthiessen in The Snow Leopard (1978) stated, "These hard rocks instruct my bones in what my brain could never grasp in the Heart Sutra, that 'form is emptiness and emptiness is form' – the Void, the emptiness of blue-black space, contained in everything."

The first time I had a client encounter the Void was in a practice session before I started offering this service professionally. Finding herself in a familiar, yet empty space, the client had a strong sense that there was a reason that she was not permitted to step beyond the blackness at that time. Because of this feeling, and the fact that I did not yet feel confident to assist the person to navigate the apparent emptiness, we decided to end the session.  

 Since that time I have learned a lot about the void and this sacred space has become a common destination that I welcome. This dark mysterious space which initially appears empty, actually, as Matthiessen stated, is incredibly rich and alive. Both perspectives are at once paradoxically true.

I will describe an eloquent example of this. Mid sessions the client found herself in what she described as a great void. Endless nothing, just blackness was all she was able to perceive. However, as she relaxed into the space she realized that while she couldn't see anything, she could feel so much. There were energies whizzing all around. She said it was like being in a very busy city, one that you could only feel, not see. “Like if an invisible truck went by and you couldn’t see it, but you could feel the vibration of it passing,” she said. It was though she needed to move away from the senses she normally relied on, and focus on a more subtle level of perception, one that went beyond her mind. The more she was able to tune in to the subtle levels of perception, the more the experience opened to her and she discovered beings she was able to communicate with, who had intriguing information to share. Interestingly while in this space she had the sense of a large eye observing her. Initially it felt somewhat disconcerting as she felt it could see right through her, but as she relaxed it felt increasingly peaceful. Though she was not aware of it, the all seeing eye has long been associated with the Void.

Another aspect of the Void is an association with feminine energy and the womb. The womb is an empty space from which the miracle of life can be born, like the rich blackness of the earth from which an enormous tree can sprout.  As described in the above example the qualities of this space can appear cold and distant, even frightening, if one perceives through the lens of reason and logic, but when experienced through the lens of feeling and heart, the same space becomes incredibly nurturing and supportive. 

I have had many clients who got to the Void and did not want to leave. When they allow themselves to fully relax and melt into the space they describe feeling like they are finally able to stop and rest in a way not possible in human form. There is a sense of deep peace, no worries, or responsibilities, just a profound sense of being nurtured and held. I’ve even had people who said afterwards that they would have been happy if their whole journey was nothing more than a dip into that mysterious space that offered such a powerful sense of restoration and renewal.  

A New World

While each journey is orchestrated by the client’s higher-self, bringing forth experiences that assist them to better understand their personal reality, there have been several gorgeous scenes coming through in the deep expanded trance state that share some intriguing commonalities. 

 This trend involves a part of the session in which the clients experience a version of reality that feels ideal. They describe a landscape that appears similar to Earth except the light is distinctly brighter, often colours are more intense, and the horizon much more expansive. The land feels healthy and alive. There is no pollution, everything is pristine. 

 In this ideal reality people feel whole, free, happy, and in harmony with all. Because people are complete within themselves they don’t feel any inclination to influence, or manipulate anyone else. 

 They feel intimately connected with, and supported by nature. Many describe the phenomenon of nature responding to their thoughts and touch.

 Communication happens telepathically and not just between people; communion with animals and plants occurs as well. No one is burdened by fear. There is a sense of playfulness and ease, with manifestation flowing naturally and effortlessly. 

 One client, when asked what they did for fun, or how they played in this reality, answered, “Well, I guess on Earth we would call it magic, but here it’s normal.” She explained that form is more fluid in this space and she and the other inhabitants could, for example, transform into birds and fly.

 Though most are unsure of the location of this reality, there is a deep sense of familiarity. With clients making statements like: “this feels like my true home”, or “It feels more real than Earth, almost hyper real.” When asked where this world was located speculation included ancient Earth civilizations (before the fall/ arrival of dark density), future Earth, different timelines, or alternate dimensions.

 One might ask, ‘why are these experiences coming through in people’s sessions?’ I feel the answer, like most things that lie beyond quantum healing (BQH), is multi-layered.

 One client’s higher self explained in no uncertain terms that part of why she is here on Earth right now is because she carries the frequency of this pure reality as part of her energy signature. From the expanded state she explained that many beings are here on the planet right now because of the frequency they carry within. She stated that by holding this divine frequency, she and many others were helping guide Gaia and her inhabitants to shift out of the harsh density, towards a lighter, higher frequency of being. 

 I believe that for a long time it was enough to hold this frequency at an unconscious level, but now as we are further along in this process of shifting into a new higher frequency paradigm, it is time to bring this to the surface. As more people consciously hold this imprint of this ideal expression in their field, the more it will influence surrounding vibrations.

 Also at a collective level, I feel this phenomenon is indicative of the fact that the veil is getting thinner. We have much more access right now to the multi-verse to which we are all connected. More and more people are waking up and remembering aspects of their deeper selves. We are becoming multi-dimensional beings!

 On an individual level, this experience brings an ideal version of self in to awareness: a divine blueprint, free from distortion. This version is a more pure embodiment of our soul essence. Having a clear vision of an ideal self helps us to recognize things in life that align us more with that high frequency version. 

Ultimately whether looked at from and individual or collective perspective, this trend appears to be auguring a powerful new time in which we consciously release old pain, programs, and distortion that have for so long informed our reality, and embrace a more flowing, joyful, and expansive experience.

Can’t always get what you want—but you get what you need

One of the aspects that makes BQH sessions unique is that there is no formula or framework for how the process unfolds. This means that each session can progress in a unique flow that perfectly aligns with the client’s needs. 

In preparation for these journeys the client and I work out the essence of their desires, then we create a focused intention to act as a guidepost to ensure the experience is aligned with their aims. This is the part of the session where the client has the ability to clearly state what they hope to achieve in the session. Beyond this step I encourage people to let go of any and all expectations around how the journey will look or unfold. 

The majority of the time, though the journey is full of surprises and unexpected insight and even themes, it is easy to see how the content aligns with the client’s intention. 

However, over the years I have encountered a few sessions which at first glance seem to not align with their desire, but from a deeper perspective were exactly what they needed.

For example a couple of weeks ago I had a woman come in who had very clear ideas of what she hoped to get out of her session. She wanted to have a deeper and more direct connection to her higher-self. She hoped her higher-self would give her some guidance as to what she needed to do to have a clear and obvious connection. 

After the induction she told me she felt she wasn’t deep enough. I did a further deepening and encouraged her to trust the process, to just allow whatever needed to come through. Still feeling physically focused after the deepening, I asked her to scan her being and just share what she noticed. She was immediately aware of a tightness in her shoulders, as though she was bracing for something. I asked her to breathe into this tightness, as a physical sensation can act as bridge leading us to the energy beneath that needs healing. 

As she used her breath to focus her awareness on the tightness, she was faced with a child version of herself. She recalled how as a young child she had been relentlessly tormented by her older brothers. The dangerous dynamic between her and her older siblings meant she had to always have her guard up in preparation for a surprise attack. The more she focused on this little girl, the more she understood the trauma carried by this little version of herself. This part believed, not only that attack was always immanent, she also believed that the rage she held in around the extreme situation was so strong that if she let it out it would destroy EVERYTHING. This state of ongoing defence against incoming and outgoing energies left her completely frozen.

When the adult part of her tried to focus love on the child part, hoping for a softening, she was met with a detached feeling of … ‘too little too late’ from the child part. 

This is something I see a lot when people connect with a wounded inner child aspect. These parts have spent so long feeling abandoned and neglected that when the adult self finally pays attention they remain guarded and wary. It can take time to rebuild the trust of a wounded child part. 

At this point in the session there was a sense of frustration as though there was no way forward. I asked if it felt right to create a special space for this child within the infinite sanctuary of her heart. With those words there was a dramatic shift in the energy.   “Yes!” she exclaimed, “That feels really right”. When the child was safely enveloped in her own infinite space within the heart the client reported that for the first time this wounded child aspect felt she could relax a little bit. 

When wounded child aspects appear in sessions for healing I recommend that the client set an alarm that will go off every day to remind them to take a few minutes to connect with the child.  This small commitment can yield huge results because it demonstrates to the child part that they are not going to be forgotten again. The trust will build, until eventually enough softening and opening occurs that the child is ready to be fully reintegrated. Once integrated these returned aspects become integral parts of the internal team, instead of working in the background to sabotage and block.

When the client returned to everyday awareness, while there was some sense of disappointment at not having had a cosmic level journey, she could see how it was impossible for her to fully let go and open to the experience while this child part of her remained in a state of hyper vigilance. Relaxation and openness are keys to accessing the wisdom of the higher realms. This traumatised child needed to be seen and healed before the client would be able to reach the heights she hoped to attain. So while she didn't get to dialogue directly with her higher self, the session gave her the opportunity to take a crucial step that will ultimately clear the way for the connection.

Light in the Shadows

Dec 2020

Most of us learn to see ourselves as a single entity. However, the more we explore ourselves the more we are likely to discover that a better description might be a compilation of aspects with a greater or lesser degree of cohesion, organized around a sense of self. This perspective is not new; it has roots in the shamanic practice of soul retrieval, as well as in mainstream psychological approaches like Jungian archetypes and shadow work, and the more contemporary IFS (Internal Family Systems) approach. Viewing ourselves through a nuanced lens that allows for personal complexity can offer powerful insight into the inner workings of our internal worlds.

I have found that BQH sessions support this perspective and can offer profound and creative opportunities to see, experience, and heal at this level.
I will describe a part of a recent session that may shed some light on what this can look like.

A client had been drawn to a BQH session because she felt stuck and could not understand why she was not able to meet people with whom she felt understood and valued. Consciously she held very optimistic beliefs about life, such as she was exactly where she was meant to be, and as long as she did the work change was possible. There was one conscious belief however, that quietly caused her frustration and ongoing disappointment. She believed that by remaining in a state of positivity she would attract what she wanted. Yet, no matter how much she focused on the life she wanted to create, its manifestation remained elusive.

In her session, before communicating with her guides, the client found herself immersed in a deep feeling of sadness, loneliness, hopelessness and despair. She felt mired in the beliefs that nothing would ever change, and that she would never find a sense of belonging because she did not like humans and believed she was never meant to be one. She lamented the fact that she was here on the planet at this time. This shadowy part of her was so overwhelmed with grief and dejection that it had no desire to move forward.

This grim vantage point was alarming and confusing as consciously she did not identify with it, and yet in the session she experienced its undeniable reality.
The BQH session allowed her to understand why her conscious strategies were not working by allowing her see the depth of the wounds and limitations she carried deep within. The beliefs held by this hidden part were completely out of alignment with her conscious self.

The session highlighted this childlike aspect that carried the burden of so much pain and misunderstanding. This part had been concealed in the shadows for so long that the client was completely oblivious to its existence, and the effect it was having on her life. Understanding the deeply limiting beliefs hidden away in her psyche, such as nothing will ever change, I am helpless, and I don’t belong here gave her a new level of clarity and insight into what was holding her back.

After the session she could see how this part had always been there, operating just beyond conscious awareness.

Bringing this aspect of herself into the light of consciousness was the first step towards healing and integration. Later, in follow-up coaching sessions, we were able to work with this part, making room for her, ensuring she had the ongoing love and awareness that had for so long been denied.

When these forgotten, exiled parts feel seen and understood they begin to soften and relax. By welcoming them to the round-table of self we create an internal environment in which these abandoned parts feel accepted and included rather than alone, neglected and rejected. By reconnecting to, and aligning with the self they begin to heal, and expand beyond their limited perspective. And when these parts feel accepted they are inclined to want contribute positively, sharing their gifts with the whole, rather than working quietly against it.

Faith in the Face of Uncertainty

Nov 2020

Guidance can be so valuable in these tumultuous times. I have never had so many clients booking in for sessions. It seems more and more people have come to the realization that they just can’t maintain the old ‘chin up and carry on’ way of being. There is a call to go deeper, to heal old wounds, to find more meaning, connection, and purpose in this world. These conditions are intensely mirrored in our external reality. Global society, for the first time in most people’s lifetimes, is not operating as business as usual.  Industries have had to slow down, to find new ways of functioning and in some cases have been forced to grind to a complete halt. Division among communities and polarisation of worldviews are at an all time high. People are feeling the fragility of the world as we know it.

In sessions from years leading up to this one, it was common for clients to be forewarned about the time we are in now. The essence of the messages was the same: we are shifting out of the old fear based paradigm to a new love aligned one. As this transition occurs the old will break down and the more we cling to our old ways of being the harder the transition will be.

In a recent session when the client’s (I’ll call her Joan) higher self came through she made a statement that resonated deeply. Joan had a question about why she was faced with so much doubt, so much indecision and insecurity. Her line of work involves moving from contract to contract and for the first time in her life she found herself in a foreign country with one contract finished and nothing on the horizon. Joan’s higher self answered with an eloquent statement, “Humanity is faced with uncertainty right now, this is just Joan’s piece of the uncertainty.” She went on to explain that Joan’s situation (no new contract) was not about any failure on her part, rather it was about giving her the time, space and push she needed to do some deep healing work.

When everything in life rolls along as we hope and expect it too it can feel as though we have mastered ourselves. But when conditions occur that activate our wounded parts we are given the gift of seeing the parts of ourselves that need our love and attention to heal. These parts of ourselves may be subtle and barely noticeable when not triggered, but in truth they hold a lot of power over what we create in our lives. When we are able to courageously hold space for these neglected parts and give them what they need to sooth and relax, we invite a softening and integration that helps us to move towards a place of wholeness and alignment.

Another gift the uncertainty offers is that it highlights our relationship with faith. Our minds don’t like uncertainty. Our brains want to find resolution to issues we are confronted with as quickly as possible. But while the brain is an amazing problem solving tool, there are times and situations that no matter how diligently and industriously we try, a solution cannot come through thinking power; and the more we toil in thought the more we find ourselves feeling frustrated and disillusioned.

Guidance from the higher realms on this is that the new energies are aligned with the heart and the more we are able to operate from a place of love and faith, rather than fear and intellect the more likely we will be to align with our soul path. Unlike the mind the heart is connected to the realm of infinite possibilities. By standing in this space in faith we create the conditions for the mysterious and potentially miraculous to unfold into our reality. But this path may not hold a definitive, clearly identified trajectory to a destination. We take each step when it appears before us, often not knowing how or when the next one will appear. Taking this approach can feel very frightening at first, but with each step we take in faith, the more our confidence grows as we see solutions unfolding that are beyond what our minds could conceive.

I feel it is important to point out that fearing this process is natural. It is completely opposed to the way most of us have been taught to navigate reality. The personal and global circumstances that many of us are faced with are truly frightening and should not be glossed over. If we are not feeling some degree of fear, we may want to consider if we are practicing a form of spiritual bypassing, or living a life of extreme privilege that makes it difficult to grasp the level of disequilibrium in the collective. The key is not to ignore, attempt to silence, or rise above our fears, but to give them room. The more we are able to be with what is, paying attention to how it manifests in the mind and body, the more those parts that hold the concerns can soften and feel safe enough to get on board with the new way of being instead of quietly working against it in the background.

Crystals and BQH Sessions

Oct 2020

During a meditation several years ago a simple vision unfolded in my mind's eye. I saw aspects of higher consciousness seeding the planet with hidden pockets of high frequency information. Solidified into the physical, these energy pockets manifested as beautiful crystalline forms that waited patiently to remind us of the sacred, forgotten knowledge of our souls. Because of the high frequency, mystical nature of crystals, for me there is a beautiful affinity between them and BQH hypnosis sessions.

In the expanded state, working with crystals seems to be a very natural phenomenon. One client in her session headed straight to what she called the Temple of Restoration. This was a glorious crystalline structure that shimmered against the expansive landscape.  Inside, the floor was entirely made from clear quartz. At the center was a diamond flame that refracted rainbows. After being purified by the dancing flame, the client was guided by the guardian being of the temple toward a smooth sunken area in the floor. As she lay down in it she felt herself melt into a deeply healing and revitalising state. Another client met his soul family, and after a joyful reunion, he followed them down through tunnels in the ground until they arrived at a crystalline structure that looked like a huge honeycomb. He explained that upon seeing the structure he remembered that each of them had their own crystal pod that was perfectly attuned to them; he knew immediately which one was his. Lying inside his pod he felt a complete regeneration occurring. In another session a client went on a soul retrieval mission. Crystals represented aspects of himself that he had buried on different planets throughout his soul journey. As he collected each piece he was able to remember why he had hidden it and why he was now ready to reintegrate the buried part. In other sessions individual crystals transmit information to the clients, or represent a specific tool.

Many aspects of what we experience in the quantum field are not accessible from the physical realm, which is why BQH sessions are so valuable. But crystals, which are like tangible glimpses from the higher realms, can be accessed here in physical reality. Because of this I feel they are great allies to support BQH sessions.

As a practitioner I usually choose high vibrational crystals to work with; ones that encourage third eye activations, enhance inner vision and help us connect to higher realms and beings. Some of my favourites include: Lapis lazuli, moldavite, Herkimer diamonds, phenacite, and Lemurian quartz. I also like to have crystals that encourage heart chakra activation, deeply aligning the client with the loving energies that inform BQH sessions. For this purpose my favourite crystals are kunzite, sugelite, morganite, and danburite. I will have a combination of crystals that I select based on the clients intention, on or near me during sessions. Depending on what is occurring, I will choose different ones to hold or to focus on as the session unfolds.

I also encourage clients, if they feel drawn, to have their own crystals with them during the session. Because I have a deep love for crystals I have an extensive collection to choose from. However, I understand that not everyone will have access to such a range. Fortunately there are many awesome crystals that are very easy to get a hold of and not too expensive either.  Stones like clear quartz, selenite, amethyst, and rose quartz are very accessible and offer wonderful support in this style of work.

In terms of protective stones, I don’t feel they are necessary as sessions are extremely high frequency experiences that are not accessible to manipulation by lower entities or energy. However, if a protective crystal, like black Tourmaline, helps a person to feel more safe and relaxed then by all means include it.

Finally, grounding stones can be a great part of after session care. Smoky quartz is probably my favourite crystal of all for this. Holding and playing with a piece of smoky can be a great way to settle back into physical awareness.

Ultimately crystals are not an integral part of a BQH session and wonderful sessions can absolutely occur without any crystalline support. However, for those that resonate with crystals, they can bring a beautiful dimension to the experience. So don’t hesitate to explore crystals; have fun, be creative, and let the crystals guide you as to the ways they can support the journey.

Let theUnfolding Begin---After a BQH session

Sept 2020

One of the images I use to promote my services is an image of still water rippling from a center point. I feel this is a beautiful analogy for the effects a BQH session creates in a person’s life. In the session, whether through newfound insight, spiritual reassurance, energetic healing, or recovered memories, powerful shifts are created that have the potential to ripple out long after the actual session is complete. Each shift and recalibration is like a seed being planted in our heart, and like seeds dropped into the earth, the more we nurture them, the more opportunity they will have to flourish.

This is the reason I have learned to place a lot of emphasis on after-care. Without awareness, humans have a tendency to fall back into habits, and to recreate patterns we are familiar with. However, the more we nurture changes with the light of awareness, the more we create conditions that support permanent change in our lives.

Immediately after a session many people report feeling lightheaded. This is very common because people tend to do a lot of energetic releasing in sessions. The energy we release will be dense heavy energy often associated with difficult events from this life or a past one. Because we have become accustomed to carrying this heavy energy in our field, it is often quite noticeable afterward when it is gone. The new light energy that fills the space previously taken up by that density will take a little time to get used to. Realigned and recalibrated energy can also contribute to this feeling. I recommend that as soon as possible after a session, the client find a peaceful spot in nature to ground and centre. Nature can be an excellent ally in assisting with the landing process as its harmonious coherence will help inform, soothe and stabilize changes.

Journaling is another activity I recommend as soon as possible after a session. While sessions are recorded to be listened to at a later date, it can be extremely valuable to document as much as we can about the session in writing. The process of contemplating and exploring the session from our regular state of awareness can help us to integrate the shifts into our everyday life, and often leads to even more clarity and deeper insight.

I also recommend a person be very gentle with themselves after a session. In the days that follow, as the experience grounds into our being, releasing, and activating changes, feelings ranging from  of sadness and irritability, to joy and elation can occur. The more we  can just accept whatever needs to flow through us, knowing that it is ultimately leading to where we want to be, the smoother and more swiftly the uncomfortable releasing emotions will move through us. 

Occasionally, in the days after a very powerful session, people may notice moments of feeling anxious. This can occur as a new more expanded state of awareness merges into the physical. Again the more we can accept and make room for these feelings, trusting they are part of a process that is ultimately bringing us more alignment and healing, the easier the integration of this upgrade will be.

At a physical level care is also important. Drinking lots of good quality water is essential. Being hydrated at a cellular level makes it easier to maintain a connection to the higher realms and allows energy currents to flow more smoothly through our systems. Baths with magnesium, or Epsom salts can be a great way to support the process of integrating the high frequency energy from the session. I also recommend gentle exercise as this also helps to keep energy moving and flowing.

Another recommendation I make is to do some things a bit differently in the days after a session. This will help support changes in the neural network, making it less likely to settle into old patterns.  For example, mix up a routine, take a different route to work, wear something you might not normally choose. I encourage everyone to approach this in playful way, get creative, use your imagination…the options are limitless.

I also find follow-up coaching can be valuable for those who want assistance with unpacking the session content. In these meetings, which usually take place about a week later, I work together with the client to explore the content, unpack symbolism, identify themes and key guidance, and then implement realistic and achievable strategies to apply them to everyday life.

Finally listening to the session recording can again bring a new dimension to the experience as a person absorbs and processes it from everyday awareness. Listen to it when it feels right, preferably within a month of session. It can also be a great idea to keep listening to it every few months, in order to reconnect with the session energy and sustain the changes it initiated.

Letting Go of Our Stories

Aug 2020

One of the most exciting aspects of BQH sessions is the fact that they allow us to see beyond our current human outlook. This can be like shifting from the point of view of one tree, to seeing the wider landscape from a bird’s eye perspective. This expanded vantage point can show us patterns, themes, designs and connections in our soul journey that might not be visible from the ground. It also allows us to see different characters or roles we have played beyond this life.  

During a session we may become aware of versions of ourselves from other lives that have perpetrated acts, or made life choices, that we feel ashamed of. A particular lifetime may appear in a session because we unconsciously carry dense energy, such as guilt, fear, or shame, which acts to hold us backin the present. Seeing from a big picture perspective allows us to understand why we created the conditions that led us to make the choices we did; and makes it easier to find compassion and forgiveness for ourselves so that we can release this density from our unconscious.

 It is easy to see why this is important and how it helps us to heal. However, less obvious is understanding the way our greatness can hold us back. In sessions we may connect with versions of ourselves that feel more evolved, more notable, or more extraordinary than our current human self. A version of self that developed in a less dense environment may be much more in tune with energies, with magic, with genius, grace or universal flow. People may become aware of versions of themselves who existed as royalty, as angelic beings, advanced healers, or important historical figures.

There is undoubtedly a healing aspect to connecting with these versions of self as they can help us to recall our worth, to develop self-love, and unlock dormant potential. This is especially important because in this realm most of us are disconnected from knowing the true magnificence and brilliance that we are at heart, and developing self love is key to raising our frequency. But there is another side to this coin. If we attach too tightly to these beautiful, magical, powerful aspects of ourselves they can act to weigh us down and stifle our growth. Identifying with characters or attributes that we have embodied at any time along our soul journey can lead us to over-inflate. Those parts of us that don’t believe in our worthiness may use our newfound greatness as a means to cover up, or bypass the underlying wound.

Once in the expanded state I saw myself standing on the edge of a cliff, wearing the most stunning, complex, magical robe. It was made of pieces of fabric and jewels that represented all the qualities and treasures I valued and had amassed over many, many lifetimes. Wearing it I felt proud of all I had been, of all I had discovered, seen and lived. But I understood in that moment that though I was ready to take flight, I would only succeed to soar if I discarded the robe. Like passing through the eye of the needle, the richness I attached to my being would hold me back. I would need to strip back to my essence in order to reach the heights I dreamed of.

The truth is our true self, our unique essence that exists beyond all the layers of stories, is the most pure, the most beautiful, the most sacred state of being. What I am seeing in sessions is that at this time many of us are coming full circle in our evolutionary soul journey. When we heal our underlying wounds we can release the stories, both terrible and precious, and discover that what we once thought was not enough and tried to conceal and enhance with layers of experience, is actually the state of perfection we were striving for all along.  When we are able to step fully into that energy, we can grow in a new way that honours and expands our authenticity rather than conceals it.


Seeds of Change

July 2020

When contemplating some of the less personal information from recent sessions, it occurred to me there were three, that while very different in terms of style and content, all contained a tiny fragment that united them and was relevant to the collective: seeds.

In the first snippet I will describe, the client felt herself rising up above the Earth, past the moon, until she found herself perched on a star looking down on the planet. As she watched the twinkling city lights she noticed that she felt completely removed from the busy energy, and something about her nature felt different.

With that realisation she returned to Earth. As she checked into herself she realised that she felt tiny compared to normal, and then it occurred to her that she had wings. “I’m a fairy,” she said.  She found herself in a forest surrounded by many creatures. In this place she felt essential. She was fluttering around collecting precious seeds from all the beings in her surrounds. In her fairy body her experience of size was different. Blades of grass were towering and the seeds she was joyfully given felt huge in her little fairy hands. Once she had gathered the seeds, she began the process of planting them. The seeds sprouted immediately as they dropped into the earth. She and the other creatures watched with full hearts as immense trees grew from the tiny seeds. These trees contained homes for everyone in the community. She said there was a new sense of connection, fun, love, and security felt by all.

When I asked her what her human self could take from this she answered that it showed her that we have the power to make life better, for everyone as a whole. Humanity can move beyond all the anger and hurt and heal, and grow together. The seeds here represented that essence that each of us needs to find and cultivate within; our own unique contribution that can align and synchronize to play a part in creating a better world for all.

In the second snippet I will describe the client said everything was dark and he felt like he was underground. He said it felt warm and pleasant. There was a powerful sense of peace and calm. There was nothing to do, other than be. He then realised he felt like a seed waiting to sprout. Interestingly, from this perspective there was no sense of impatience, rush, or urgency. He just felt a deep sense of knowing that all would unfold perfectly. At an earlier stage in the session he had seen a huge cloud of colours contracting into itself until it became just a tiny point. This point, he said, was like a portal or gateway that contained the infinite potential of everything and nothing. The seed embodied this energy.

The take home for him was that this was a state he could connect with when external reality felt too much. He could withdraw his awareness from the busyness and commotion and come to this point of stillness within symbolized by the seed. In doing so he would nourish his true essence. 

In the final snippet I will describe the client connected with what she called ‘ET’ awareness. The ETs explained that they were planting seeds in her for a future time when they would be able to work more directly together. When asked to expand on this they explained that she and everyone on Earth would need to gather facets of themselves from different timelines or dimensions. By reuniting key pieces of self hidden throughout time, we would be bringing the wholeness of who we are as multifaceted, multi-dimensional beings into the now.

They explained that each person would coalesce and align the facets of themselves in their own way and their own time, but once everyone had reached this point, we would be able to collectively rise up as a united whole into the higher dimensions. However, they added that though we would all need to have done our part for this collective level of complete dimensional transcendence to occur, none would be limited in terms of what we could achieve individually.

They also explained that while there were those who had already started doing this work on an individual level, collectively we were still deep in the process of shedding density and this work, which brings up so much of the old toxic energy that needs to be healed, is currently overshadowing what is to come.

It’s interesting that when she shifted between her human perspective and the ET perspective, she was struck by the difference in feelings around what was to occur. From the human perspective there was a sense of excitement, anticipation and impatience; while from the ET point of view there was a sense of profound calm and equanimity. As humans we tend to want to get to the ‘awesome’ parts as soon as possible, while from the ET perspective she noted that there was an easy knowing and confidence that the planted seeds would unfold exactly when and how they were meant to.

The threads that weave through the concept of seeds in these sessions have to do with essence, potential and divine timing. We have long allowed ourselves to be distracted from the truth and power of who we truly are by believing what we are told about ourselves by outside sources. Time and time again I am struck by the indescribable wisdom, intelligence, history, beauty, perfection and magnificence that hides beneath surface awareness, and yet the other commonality I see so often is a secret belief of unworthiness. I feel these seeds of potential buried within laying patiently, waiting to be nourished with some of the focus and faith that we currently place outside ourselves, so that they may unfurl  out into the world, aligning with the deeper truth and potential of all that is.

Tune Into the Trees

June 2020

It is not uncommon for a person in the midst of a BQH session to meet with, or find themselves presenting as, a different life form. As a practitioner it is always fascinating to discover unfamiliar perspectives and insight that we don’t normally have access to. Unlike some of the Galactic life forms that can feature in sessions, the one I will discuss today exists on the same planet as us. It is the spectacular, majestic, yet humble tree. 

Like most things in our environment, today we are taught to see trees from a functional standpoint: in grade school we learn about how they provide oxygen and are an extremely useful resource that can be used for everything from houses to paper. And yet for so many of us they are much more; we sense trees go way beyond functionality into a realm of secrecy and magic. Humanity’s history has been deeply intertwined with trees since our beginning. As children we climb in them, we play in their leaves and daydream in their shade. In our tales they individually speak to us, and collectively as forests, embody our terrors, intrigue, or enchantment. 

The first time a client identified as a tree in a session I was slightly taken aback. She was describing the landscape around her. When I asked her where she wanted to explore she answered, “I don’t think I can move.” When I asked her what her feet looked like, she answered, “I don’t have any feet.”  Curious about her experience of self, I asked her what she could tell me about her vessel. She paused, and then exclaimed quite joyfully, “I think I’m a tree!” 

After a moment of tuning into herself she went on to describe how she could feel every cell of her being; the solidity of her trunk, the delicate movement of her leaves, the different temperatures of the soil, and each tiny root filament reaching out moving towards molecules of water. As she was sharing her experience tears began to roll down her face from her closed eyes. When I asked if she was ok she reported that she was in a state of ecstatic joy. She explained how each cell felt like it was flowing perfectly. There was no need to think about what she was doing because she trusted that every cell knew exactly what it needed to do; she felt in complete alignment with the whole universe. She experienced the pure acceptance that came with her growth; understanding without judgement that some branches would extend and others would die and fall away. She could feel the damp richness of the soil that nourished her roots with nutrients that came from decomposition, and the warm love that poured forth from the sun, gently coaxing her to grow and expand. Balanced between heaven and Earth, she radiated incredible peace. 

Since that first time I have had several clients who had chapters of their journey that revolved around trees. Trees can surface in sessions as symbols for strength and grounding, with clients encouraged to recall a particular tree from a session when they need to feel the associated qualities in everyday life. Another interesting occurrence involves clients who discovered parallel lives as trees. Like the first client, they described a heightened sense of aliveness, a feeling of being intimately connected to the entire universe, as well as how time moves differently. From a point of seemingly timeless stillness they were able to observe buildings and people rise in freshness and then dissolve into decay. 

A final interesting perspective was shared in a recent session. This client’s guides explained that as the Earthly version of herself embodied more of her multi-dimensional nature she would likely experience moments of confusion. I asked her what could help her to integrate this awareness into everyday life. Her higher self suggested that trees would assist. She explained that trees are our brethren, our kin, but that we have largely lost our connection. She went on to say that trees are gateways to other dimensions, and have access to the deepest archives of Gaia’s wisdom. She shared that trees, like people, have chakras. These chakras are like portals to the secret world of trees. Sensitive people can learn to sense chakras and connect with them to access the profound secrets of nature for which trees act as custodians. However, she added that it requires more than just hugging a tree to connect. Like people, trees want to feel a real connection before they will divulge aspects of their deep inner mystery. Like any relationship this takes time to develop; trees want to feel seen and appreciated and will form strong bonds as trust and respect grows. 

I feel overall these are great reminders about how, in this era of digital information overload, trees wait patiently for us. By connecting with trees we can tap into a level of reality that goes infinitely deeper than the fast pace hype and drama that is so prolific in our reality. Their perspective, which focuses on being rather than obsessive doing, reminds us of the importance of slowing down, of grounding, of embracing the light and the dark aspects of ourselves, and exploring the depth of our interconnection with the world around us.

May  2020

Radical Acceptance - The Dance of the Dark and the Light

If I had to pick one message that came through most frequently in sessions it would be about the power of acceptance. In the expanded state of consciousness clients consistently express that the key to living their best life isn’t through pushing or forcing, rather it is through allowing and accepting. I’d like to share two interesting ways this same message has come through.

In one session the client was observing a tribal group of people who lived in a tropical paradise. She was awed, and moved to tears, by their profound joy and connection to their environment. When I asked her what the secret to their happiness was, she answered that it was because they were able to accept life as it was; they didn’t feel a need to try and influence, control or change things. They understood the impermanence of experience and were able to just allow life to flow and unfold naturally. They didn’t perceive themselves as separate or above all that was around them. 

This similar theme was also strongly expressed in another client’s session. Her intention was to experience the wholeness of her being and face her darkness. She found herself immediately experiencing a state that she described as infinitely expansive. She felt whole and free.

She described a wellspring of forms flowing forth. The point of creation, or the ground of all being, she called it. There was a sense of deep peace that pervaded the experience. There were dark and light forms that emerged in a beautiful, fluid, flowing dance.

Then she noticed thatwhen she focused on the dark aspects of the dance she felt fear because of her judgement about the dark. She observed how her judgement energized the dark forms; her fear solidified them. The more she focused on them with concern, the more they grew. She watched her fear turn molehills into mountains.  The dark forms and her fear fed off each other.

But in this expanded hypnotic state she was able to see when she was able to let go and not attach, not try to control or influence the flow of creation, the darkness returned to being just part of the beauty of the whole. When she moved into a state of allowing and acceptance, she was able to flow with the point of creation, the point of infinite expansion.

She could see without the labels and judgement (dark/light, good/bad) it was all just the same stuff, the same energy, dancing in the most harmonious flow of perfection; the light and dark just unfolding in a gentle divine cascade.

From this space she was able to see that there was actually nothing to fear. There was a sense of harmony with all. There was no separation, yet each part was whole in itself, and a part of the whole itself. There was no need to do anything or be anything, except for a part of the unfolding beauty. The less one tried to judge or influence, the more beauty flowed undistorted. No need to convince anyone, no need to be a master or martyr, no need to play any role at all. All she needed to do was be her most authentic self. The divine beauty is there at heart, we just need to allow it to flow.

If we could cease judging, cease wanting to cling to the light and reject the dark and learn to accept whatever enters our reality with serenity and equanimity, we would be returned to a state of grace.

This of course is challenging as our reality is so saturated with fear; so much darkness has become energized and become solid. There is so much presenting around us that our judgement tells us needs to be controlled, managed or suppressed. But what these higher aspects of ourselves are trying to remind us is that the key to lessening the darkness isn’t to fight it, it is to accept it, not with apathy or indifference, but with the fullness of our hearts. We need to go deeper, to find the fear, the wound that lies beneath, and LOVE that part back to its natural flowing (non-dense) nature.

As the energies continue to intensify, I suspect we are going to see more contrast between the light and the dark. I feel this is likely why this message is coming through in so many ways… the next little while it will become more important than ever not to get caught up in the drama, or energetically dragged down by any old suppressed darkness that comes to the surface. The more we are able to maintain a space of expansive love without judgement the smoother this journey of returning to a state of grace will be.

Christina Lavers 

April  2020

BQH - Why Online sessions work so well

I held off offering online sessions for a long time. My concern was that connecting through technology would lose something. Exactly what that something was, I wasn’t sure. It felt like something personal, indefinable, something human.

Eventually though, wanting to reach more people, I decided it was time to explore the online possibilities. So, after a few practice Zoom calls I reached out to someone I knew online, a person my internal guidance system told me would be ideal for testing the waters. I had never met this woman; we had only interacted through a common Facebook group. She had previously had a QHHT session with a different practitioner and was keen to try an online BQH session.

When we began chatting in the virtual Zoom meeting space I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to establish a true heart connection. Then, when we got to the deep work things really quickly started to get exciting. The session was incredibly powerful and the information that came through was so rich and relevant, not only to the client, but to the collective. (Her summary can be read here: Christina Lavers Coaching )

Since that first online session I went on to hold online sessions with people all over the world and quickly discovered that that initial session was not an anomaly: every session worked amazingly well.

With time I found I had even come to prefer online sessions because the results were consistently so amazing. But I was curious why this would be the case. After some contemplation a few answers surfaced.

I believe the first aspect of online sessions that contributes to its success is the fact that people are in their own space. When we enter an unfamiliar environment part of our brain naturally becomes alert as it establishes whether there is any danger. No matter how beautiful, cosy, and serene the space may appear, if it is unfamiliar our brains will need to establish safety. How vigilant we are will depend on how safe we feel in the world based on past experiences. But, when people are in their own homes they already feel safe and comfortable and so will not need to process their surroundings. The unknown factor is removed. With in-person sessions I find the amount of time it takes people to find their flow differs, while online sessions seem to begin flowing almost immediately for everyone, and this may partially explain why.

The second important factor in online success I see is the fact that the practitioner is not physically in the same space as the client. When the practitioner’s voice is coming through technology it is somehow more abstract and removed from the physical, as though it is coming through the ether. This helps the client shift their awareness beyond their physical surroundings to the deep space where the magic happens.

A final explanation that came to me was the fact that BQH is energy work, and of course energy is not limited by physical space. A person’s spiritual team can prepare the energetic space no matter where they are physically located. Similarly the client and practitioner’s energy can connect through the heart just as effectively on the other side of the planet as in the same room. After all we are working in the quantum field where time and space do not follow the same rules as the physical realm.

This brings us back to my initial concern that something would be lost with online sessions, something I was only able to define as humanness. I now wonder if this might be exactly why online sessions work so well, as BQH sessions are largely about going beyond our humanness.

Right now as so many of us are confined to our homes, the time for self-exploration and personal growth is ripe. Many have reported that they feel a strong pull to go within and for those who have not spent much time focusing inward this can feel disconcerting. Since BQH is an extremely safe, gentle, yet powerful tool for healing and self-awareness, online sessions are a perfect way to embrace current circumstances.

When you combine these insights with the fact that practitioners don’t need to wash bedding, prepare a physical space, can be flexible from where they operate, and can even surreptitiously wear goofy slippers, it is no wonder online sessions are becoming increasingly popular among both clients and practitioners. Christina Lavers

March 2020ts

When the Darkness is Ready to Heal

As planetary frequencies increase we are being nudged to heal and/or release that which is no longer a vibrational match. In the last year several clients have had information come through their sessions that describes an unveiling; a revealing of all that has for so long been hiding in the dark. This period is described as an uncomfortable period for humanity, a time when our fears both individually and collectively are triggered; a time when the status quo is shaken to the foundations. The good news is that this is a necessary stage that will allow us to heal by bringing the light of awareness where it is so urgently needed.

In a session last year one client described this coming period as a ‘collective dark night of the soul’. I feel this stage is now lapping on the edges of our reality. In the external mirror of our outer world we can see the signs of this stage beginning. For those who know what to look for, the cracks are appearing in the mainstream façade as some of the deep ugliness spills out into general awareness. 

Another client offered some awesome encouragement about this period. She said, “Initially this process of correction will appear chaotic and might feel frightening, but as a higher divine order begins to emerge this same process will begin to feel incredibly magical and exciting.”

One common message that has come through is that while the revealing stage of transformation won’t be fun, it will be swift. However, It is important to note that in the quantum field awareness that clients embody during sessions, time does not exists in the linear way that we experience it in daily life. And a timeless being, or version of self that exists beyond 3d reality, may conceive of 1000 years on Earth as a moment in time. So what exactly ‘swift’ means in terms of a time period is really anyone’s guess.

I have long been a big believer in the importance of shadow work. Finding and integrating lost and rejected aspects of ourselves creates such powerful healing and expansion. However, a bit more than a year ago I felt called to look into ways of dealing with entities, just in case. These are energy beings that are connected to us but don’t carry our soul signature, and therefore cannot and should not be integrated. Honestly, I don’t love this area. I much prefer witnessing magical experiences that involve beings of incredible light and wisdom, but I figured it would be useful to know what to do if I ever encountered this phenomenon in a session. I bought several books, including my favourite, Spirit Releasement Therapy-a Technique Manual by William J. Baldwin.  I love this one because it uses a loving approach in which all parties win, and on the few occasions I was called to use it, this technique worked beautifully.

Recently this darker side of the quantum field has returned to my awareness. Themes of fear, shadows and entities have been coming through in some people’s sessions; often enough that I’m paying attention.

When these patterns emerge I see it as a form of communication. The dark is indeed coming up for healing and some of us are being called to hone our skills and get more comfortable with the darker aspects of our work.  Not everyone will resonate with this information and this is the way it should be. We all have different roles here and the more we are able to recognize and honour our own inner knowing, the better placed we will be to step up and do what we came here to do.

Tips for clients:

  • The more we heal our own internal darkness the less we will be triggered by darkens we see in our external world.
  • Trust that only that which is ready and capable of healing will present in a session.
  • As much as we sometimes want to hurry the healing process, pushing and forcing creates tension and contraction. Healing happens when we feel safe to expand.
  • Know that practitioners have strategies and tools to ensure that you don’t experience overwhelm in a session. For example if something feels too much your practitioner can ask you to step back and become the observer, or they can wipe the scene and move you to a less confrontational healing experience.
  • Make sure you have great communication with your practitioner. They are there to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe throughout the journey.
  • For those who feel they may have severe or complex issues there are practitioners who have been doing this type of work for years and are highly skilled at high level dark energy and shadow work.

Feb 2020

Unfolding Perfection - Trusting the Process

It can be daunting to embark on a journey with no road map; no plan or agenda. Schedules, formulas and recipes can make us feel safe and in control. 

The structure acts as an assurance that we will reach our final destination. However, when we are willing to let go and trust the process something magical happens. We make room not just for high frequency divine intelligence to weave itself into the structure, but to create the structure itself. 

This is one of the beauties of BQH sessions. We can have no idea how a session is going to unfold and yet, as long as we can hold space in a state of trust, we can be sure that the magic will happen. 

Sometimes it may seem as though the journey is unfolding in a way that doesn’t make sense, but experience will show us that as long as we continue to trust we will eventually be amazed at the intelligent and miraculous way it all comes together in the end. 

For example, in a recent session a client found herself in what she described as a cowboy town in the old West. When she left the town and moved on to a new scene, she discovered that a horse had followed her from the town. She felt no connection to the horse and didn’t understand why it was with her. When I suggested that she speak to the horse and ask why it was there, the answer that came was ‘comfort’.  Though she didn’t feel that she needed comforting she accepted the horse as part of her journey. It followed her into every scene, even ones in which its presence seemed absurd. 

Then, toward the end of her journey, she met herself as an angry child. This inner child self was convinced that she was broken and could never be fixed. Even when the client’s higher self attempted to connect with her, she was adamant that no ‘adult talk’ would be able to convince her that she could heal. She was so thoroughly sure of her ‘wrongness’ that it felt as though we had reached an impasse. At that point I assured the child that we would not push or force her to do anything, and then asked if there was anything at all that she wanted. After a few long moments of consideration the child answered, ‘the horse’. Both the client and I were amazed by the answer. Suddenly it was clear why the horse was there.

Intuitively I could see the horse was a vehicle through which the divine could meet and sooth the child. Like a pebble dropped into deep waters, the healing effect would ripple out from this important point of connection. The horse was there to initiate the process of melting the barriers the inner child had created that kept her disconnected and wounded. 

With every session it becomes easier and easier to accompany the client on their journey without feeling the need to impose perceived directions or solutions. By letting go and remaining curious we invite a higher more sublime force to orchestrate the client’s journey in a way that would be impossible for us in our limited human form to accomplish.

Tips for building confidence in trusting the process:

  • Meditating before a session can help us to feel centred and connected, making it easier to remain calm, confident and open, even when we have no idea where we are being led.
  • Be aware of unhelpful thoughts (e.g. judgement, worry, etc) that come up throughout the session and learn to nip them in the bud. An affirmation such as, ‘I choose to trust the process’ can be helpful, especially in the beginning. Eventually it will become second nature as confidence in the process grows.
  • Make sure the client also understands the importance of ‘trusting the process’. This will help to ensure their rational mind doesn’t try to step in when something happens that they don’t understand.
  • Welcome the unexpected. When something pops up in a session that doesn’t seem to fit, encourage the client to explore it and see where it goes.
  • Accept that sometimes clarity and aha moments won’t happen immediately. Sometimes only when the client listens to the recording at a later date will some elements become clear.
  • Expect wonderfulness. Letting go of any expectations is fundamental for both practitioners and clients. But when we expect wonderfulness, without holding on to specifics or outcomes, we create a strong, potent space for the experience to unfold in.

Christina Lavers

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