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Chronic Illness/Burnout

Specialty Area

"I finally have a new awareness and appreciation for self growth and change. I now feel confident to embrace this and walk forward with pride, confidence and a knowing". --  Jenni Pawlik...more

chronic illness/ health crisis/ stress/burnout

(Possible focus areas: overcoming fear, empowering perspectives, self-love,  self-care, new career path, lifestyle changes)

Facing life’s challenges with a healthy mind and body can be difficult, but when an illness is added into the equation life’s challenges are likely  to feel overwhelming, and sometimes even insurmountable. A health crisis  inevitably brings about major lifestyle changes. Fears, frustrations, a sense of loss, and distress naturally surface when we face a devastating change that we feel we didn’t choose or want.

However, when we are able to muster up the courage to face ourselves head on, to examine our life in a deeper way, to connect with our inner wisdom and power, we will inevitably discover the gifts hidden within our circumstances. When we choose to take control of our life and work to develop tools, approaches and perspectives that allow us to access the deeper levels of our being, we will discover that regardless of our situation, we always have the power to live a life in alignment with our dreams.


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