Client Session Summary

Deep Hypnosis


Please remember each journey is completely unique in terms of type of information accessed as well as style of delivery. Sessions are often highly personal.

The two examples here demonstrate how different sessions can be.

These session summaries are shared with permission and personal details removed.

This session had a lot of information come through that was associated with multi-dimensional Experience

This is a summary written by the client. The session was held online and the period in deep trance state was 1.5 hours

Intention: My intention for this session is to bring healing to all my timelines and lifetimes, and to clear any blockages between my human and multi-dimensional selves.

"Higher Dimensional Beings, Starseeds, Gaians, and the Projected People

Higher Self stated that this time is a very important shift in consciousness and understood reality for Gaia, and her children, the Gaians. The population of actual native Gaians consists of close to, but not, half of the total population of Earth. Gaia and her children are the actual ones who are truly experiencing this shift, the rest are here to help or here to spectate. From what was being told to me, these Gaians have almost always, if not always, incarnated here on this planet.

Starseeds are what we would term as “alien souls” who generally came here from other star systems to assist Gaia and the Gaians themselves through this big shift. They are like the midwives. *The leaders of spiritual groups are almost always starseeds. They are the ones that are more vocal. Change makers. They come from places that are compatible on a frequency or vibratory level with Gaia and where Gaia is shifting to.

Higher Dimensional beings are also here, and often confuse themselves for Starseeds. I was told that myself and my husband are higher dimensional beings. We came from a much higher dimension, and decided to “drop frequency” or *dilute our frequency* so to be able to adjust ourselves to this frequency band. Our main mission is to “hold space” or to share our higher vibration with people. Being in the presence of someone whose soul is higher dimensional is activating. Higher Dimensional beings tend to be very sensitive empaths, and are prone to depression and anxiety because where they originate these emotions do not exist and therefore they feel them more deeply, especially since many times they have a difficulty differentiating their own feelings from those around them.

Higher Dimensional beings are the Wisdom Keepers. *Part of their activating power is that being in their presence begins to unlock people’s downloads, and ancient dormant wisdom.* I was shown a lightning rod with a bolt of lightning hitting it. I was told that this us and what is happening to us at this time. The Higher Dimensional beings tend to want to, or think they should be, in leadership, but this isn’t necessarily their mission, and so there is a bit of a barrier that happens occasional with them sharing their Wisdom, which can feel frustrating. It is as if it is too much to share, and the information is in fact better communicated through energy rather than through words or actions. *Higher Dimensional beings tend to be very creative and expressive, often having a skill for the arts. The Higher Dimensional Beings are the heart centre of this planet. They connect very palpably with all people through their heart chakra.*

I was then shown masses and masses of star ships, all different looking. I was then shown “ordinary people” walking around doing ordinary things. I was told that they are projected people, or background people. *These people exist on a physical level, but do not have an energetic body*. They are here as spectators, and their “soul” exists within the beings that are spectating from these ships. I was not shown where these ships are, so it is not clear if they are close by, or even in our solar system. The projected people live regular day to day lives, and believe that they are real, and in a sense they are physically real. However, they do not have much of an effect on what is happening around here. They follow the programming and rarely question their reality. *They are simply avatars, taking up space. I was being given the example of the game The Sims.*

It was made very clear to me that this planet and all her inhabitants are going through a major shift right now. Huge, huge changes are already happening, and will continue to happen. I was told “It’s the greatest show” and that so many were attracted to come here just to watch it all happen. That this is unique. *I was shown later, that this is so unique because although civilizations, inhabitants, have experienced spontaneous evolution and devolution many times, it is rare for planets to go through these shifts. This shift for Gaia herself is the main event. We are along for the ride.*

She said the Higher Dimensional Beings were the wisdom keepers, that these massive downloads were happening so that we would “remember” what we knew. She then showed me a lightning rod with a bolt of lightning hitting it. She said that we were the lightning rods, and that the bolt of lighting was like the download. *I am thinking that she meant all Higher Dimensional Beings and Starseeds are the lightning rods as we are all receiving downloads??*\


Roles of the Higher Dimensional Beings and Starseeds

Although it was very clear to me that I was only being given a very small snapshot of what is happening and what us “visitors” are here to do, the very nature of what I was shown is so amazing.

The part of our combined missions that was shown to me is that we are grid makers.

This began as being shown a ball of electricity. It was round, with sparks flying off of it. It was very magnificent, blue white in colour, shown against a black background. I then heard a crack and the ball of electricity broke into two smaller, equal sized, balls. I was told that this was me and my husband. Immediately the term “twin flame” came to mind, but my higher self was pretty clear that she did not prefer that term.

*Clarification on to why she didn’t prefer that term came later. The term “twin flame” is very misunderstood by humans. Many, even those who claim to be “twin flame experts”, confuse this with contacted soul partners. This “twin flame” energy is often misunderstood as a deeply romantic relationship, much like those that are shown in the movies. My higher self really wanted to make clear that it is more a coming back together of two parts that are not whole when they are apart. Once they are united they do not break apart energetically again. They are NOT star seeds, but are Higher Dimensional beings. Part of the Higher Dimensional being’s experience of “diluting or dropping in frequency” is the splitting from that 1 ball of energy into two smaller balls of energy. That the human form could not handle that ball of energy as a whole.*

*This appearance and uniting of these energies together is something that has been known in ancient mystery schools for eons.* Part of the concentrated effort of those who stood in the highest forms of power on this planet *(be clear they no longer stand in power, they are using illusion to distract people from this fact, in a desperate attempt to try regain power)* was to break down deep connections between partners so to keep this unification from happening, *as well as, to keep control. The reason they want to keep the unification from happening is that it is one of the most powerful grids that are being developed around the earth at this time.* Higher self discussed an entity that had been created to maintain the separation. This entity was often worshiped and became very powerful. She explained that the internet was actually created as part of this dark entity’s agenda, but that it had backfired. The internet came with the good and the bad…and they underestimated to potential for good. In fact it has acted as a type of Beta test for humanity to trial increased interconnectedness.

When these ‘balls of energy’ reunite they become an energetic point on the collective grid being established by all “twin flames” around this planet at this time. The Higher Dimensional Beings, *being the heart of this planet*, are creating a powerful grid *to hold unconditional love energy* for Gaia and the Gaians at this time. However, my higher self made it very clear that this was not the only grid that was being made at this time. She showed me the Earth and layers upon layers of grids, all being created by those who came to help. Each grid has its own purpose, and all grids as a whole were created to hold onto and soften the energy that is happening both within Gaia herself and from outside. *I was shown during the session (but did not mention it because my higher self was going so fast) that Gaia being hit by massive waves of energy at this time. Much more powerful than what we have been told. I believe the Schumann Resonance is her energy from within amping up.* These grids are incredibly important.

There are far more Starseeds here than Higher Dimensional beings. *I was shown sort of ratios or pie charts to illustrate the groups of different beings on this planet. The native Gaians made up around half of the population, the second highest were the Projected People, third being the Starseeds, and fourth being the Higher Dimensional beings. I am not entirely certain this makes up the entirety of different beings here, but nevertheless this is what I was shown. The Starseeds are creating and maintaining far more grids than the Higher Dimensional beings, but the grids made by the Higher Dimensional beings hold a much higher frequency, and tend to be more activating, as opposed to the Starseeds grids which are more subtle. Neither more important, each having their own purpose which makes up what looks like a whole new atmosphere.*

Also discussed how for higher dimensional beings, in terms of interactions with people, less is more. HD beings tend not to enjoy crowds or large groups, but sometimes feel this is something they need to overcome in order to accomplish what they came for. Higher Self suggested instead of something to overcome, this is something that should be honored. Because unlike star seeds, who may have roles that involve influencing large groups, HD beings have more impact on individuals, or small groups, rather than big ones.


Playing in the illusion

Higher Self described this reality as a Holodeck. Basically a simulation that submerges us in experiences designed to assist us to learn and grow. She explained the importance of not getting caught up in the illusion…even the horrors and atrocities. The negatives are there to test our ability to choose how we respond. We can choose to use the negatives to expand and deepen our hearts, or we can allow them to overcome us and ultimately lower our frequency.


The Event and New Earth

My higher self has always been very hesitant to talk about “The Event”. She mentioned in this session that the problem is that people tend to want to live in a “future” when the purpose of what they should be doing, and what they are here is to learn, is to live in the NOW. She showed me mirrors, and then people standing in front of mirrors. She was very clear that “The Event” is not something to wait for, or look for outside ourselves; it truly begins from within. It is by doing the inner work that we are of most service. She said that much to the disappointment of many people, they won’t even know “The Event” even happened. They are not energetically capable of experiencing it consciously, so it will seem like a dream to them. Those who have actively been doing this inner work are much more ready and therefore would most likely experience it in their waking life.

She also made it very clear to me that New Earth was for Gaia and the Gaians. Although we was visitors may want to go there, it really isn’t for us and for the most part we would all be going back to where we came from once our mission has ended. I took this to mean that once we have assisted Gaia and the Gaians through this transition we would be going home. I have to admit that I felt a HUGE RELIEF when I heard this.

Repeating Numbers

She said that every time that I experience a synchronicity or repeating numbers that is just her saying “Hi!”, and that they are little affirmations of my path. She also said that even though it annoys him, to continue to share these syncs with my husband as it is helping him remember who he is.


This Session was a very metaphorical one with a lot of personal healing information coming through

This is an approximation of a complex session that totaled 1hour and 40 minutes under. Quotes are not actual, only representative.

Intention for the session was:  “My intention for this session is to feel more self-contained, knowing I have everything I need within me, including access to the loving source in everything and everyone.”

At one point in the process of determining the intention for session client thought it was done when it was: “My intention for this session is to feel more self-contained, knowing I have everything I need within me.”

But after reading it out loud and feeling into her body for how it resonated. She said laughing that it generally felt good, but that she could feel parts of herself that were not completely comfortable with it because it felt lonely.  So we worked out the second part of the intention. When she read it again she said it felt completely right. Awesome…we’re ready to go!

After the induction she became aware of herself as a jellyfish in deep waters. It was joyful. She described the feeling of moving with breath (though she said it obviously wasn’t breath as she was underwater, but it felt like that). She looked really happy and peaceful as she enjoyed the experience.

After a few moments I asked her if there were any other beings around her. Suddenly her look changed. “Oh no,” she said, “everything feels different now. I feel afraid. Like there are predators everywhere. This is Jurassic time. Something massive could swallow me at any moment!” It was as though initially she was unaware of herself as separate from her environment and was able to just be. But when I asked her to look outside of herself…suddenly duality entered the picture and she became aware of ‘other’ and with the sense of separation fear entered into the equation.

I asked her if there was a part of herself that knew why she was experiencing this. She said, “yes it is to learn to surrender.” But she didn’t feel safe enough to be able to do it. I asked if there was anything she could connect with to feel safer. She decided to connect to source.

She said source energy was telling her that it was ok. That if she was to eaten he would hold her hand and it would be ok. It was all energy and she would only be changing form and not ending.

But she told me that she was not really ok with this; it felt like a trick. She was being shown a coin with two sides and knew she was just experiencing one side of the coin, but still struggled with the dynamic. She wanted to live, and it did not seem fair that she had to be the victim. She could feel how this connected with her Jewish heritage and the deep sense of injustice around the atrocities of the holocaust. She was struggling with feelings of being weak and a sense of powerlessness.

She said she felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter and that she was being told that it was ok, it was just her turn. But she felt she was not able to just allow and surrender.

I asked her if she could feel into what was blocking her.

“It feels like a failure, I feel shame at being the weak one. It’s a loss of dignity.”

I asked her to drop down into her feelings and tell me what else was there.

“Anger, I feel angry at God for allowing this.”

I asked her if there was anything she could do right now with the anger.

“Yes,” she said, “I can feel it right now in my solar plexus. I can give it up, I can release it.”

“Can you do that right now?” I asked.


At this point she began moaning a bit and then her whole body convulsed as though a bolt of lightning moved through it.

She had a period of crying. Feeling family lineage sorrow. It was powerful and very moving for me to observe

Then she had an epiphany. “it’s the judgement”, she said. “I am judging myself as week, and the other as evil and this is why it feels horrible. I need to release the judgement. It is such a burden, not just to me, but to the collective.”

I asked her to feel into what she needed to do to release the judgement.

“I need to forgive”’, she answered.

I asked if she felt ready to do that.

“I feel that in order to forgive I need to have no boundaries.”

I asked if she could check and feel if there was another way.

She was shown the coin again

It came to her that she needed to step into her power, to own her other side of the coin. This would bridge the two sides of the coin.

But she felt a real resistance in regards to forgiving the predator energy.

I asked why.

She told me that she feared that if she forgave that it would create conditions for it to happen again.

After some further exploration that instructed her that there was no blanket answer for good and bad and that the key was for her to really listen to her inner voices to discern was right and wrong for her, she felt ready to forgive and release the judgement. Again she moaned slightly and a big jolt moved through her body.

Afterwards she found herself looking at dark rooms filled with old objects: Antiques, family heirlooms etc.

I asked her if they felt precious to her or if they were junk that she could get rid of.

She answered, “both”.

I asked her what she would like to do with the stuff.

She said she wasn’t sure, because it didn’t feel right to just get rid of it all. But it was heavy, and a burden to carry.

I asked her it would be possible to put them in a library of sorts where they could remain accessible to the collective, but not her burden to carry alone.

She said that felt good.

Afterwards she said she felt this sense of spaciousness and light that she could fill with anything she wanted.  She created a beautiful scene within nature, with sparkling water, gentle music, and a sense of joy that permeated the space.

Then she said she wanted to allow others to be able to join her in her sacred space, but felt parts of her contracting in fear at the thought that others may violate her space.

I asked her if she could look within for a solution.

The answer came to her that her space needed boundaries. She envisioned  an energetic bubble around the space that responded  to the incoming energy. If the incoming energy felt good it would respond playfully and be permeable. And if the energy felt threatening it could become solid and impermeable.

After that we moved into the healing before finishing up.



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