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Why is Creativity so Important?

Everyone is creative. Whether expressed through writing poetry, decorating our homes, cultivating relationships, adopting uplifting attitudes, or organizing the linen cupboard, creativity brings joy and satisfaction to our lives. Creative expression has the ability to teach us more about ourselves and our world, and adds a richer, more meaningful dimension to our individual and collective human experience. It is central to our being. Without it life would be dull and automated.

Our creativity is intimately connected to our uniqueness, our passions and our highest expression. The more we connect with our deep creative source and weave its magic into our personal world the more fun, vibrant and exciting our lives become.

We all contain within us a deeply creative, brilliant spark. Some may call it the soul, or the divine self, or our highest expression. When we are connected with, and guided by, this inner creative light we feel alive and in the flow. In this space life appears open, expansive, and gracious; we see exciting possibilities and opportunities that are obscured when we are disconnected.


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