"Through focussed hypnotherapy and coaching sessions, Christy has helped me address my shadows which in turn are breaking down my blocks, allowing me to grow more than I could have imagined. Christy's expertise, sensitivity and genuine caring demonstrate that she has found her true calling. I am truly thankful for her support and guidance." --Nora Karr

Hypnosis is a powerful, safe focusing tool...

When used in alignment with the heart, with transparency and an intent to heal and grow, hypnotherapy has the most extraordinary ability to create profound change in our lives because can help us to reach levels of awareness that can normally be difficult to access.

The work we will do together is a collaboration, not something that will be done to you. It is 100% client centred. This means that you are always in control of how we move forward, the depth and pace that we work at, the specific areas we work on, and the methods we use to enact change.

A holistic perspective that takes into account your own individual system, at a mind, body, spirit level, will guide the work to ensure the highest level of lasting success.

The beauty of hypnosis is that it is such a flexible and creative modality that can be precisely attuned to each person’s specific needs, worldview, and approach to life.

*Please note:

If there is active trauma in the system it it important that it is neutralised as a first step in our healing journey together. If the trauma is highly complex I may refer you to someone who specialises in this area.

Examples of just a few ways we may decide to use hypnosis on your journey:

Anchoring a power State:

Together we will identify elements and attributes that work to sooth your nervous system, allow you to feel confident and empowered, that help you to feel connected to your wisdom and inner strength etc. We will then use hypnosis to anchor this resource state in the unconscious so that you can easily access it in times of need.

The Sacred Sanctuary: Shadow and Inner child work

“Part of me wants to get heaps done, but part of me wants to stay in bed all day”

We are taught to see ourselves as one simple entity, but the more we get to know ourselves the more likely we are to discover the richness and complexity of our inner world. Most of us will have a constellation of internal parts/aspects that have different roles, agendas, alliances, adversaries, and ways of operating and seeing the world.

Some of these parts will operate within the light of consciousness in the foreground, while others will be hiding in the shadows of the unconscious, operating in the background.

This process focuses around an internal sanctuary that is intended as a safe heart aligned container (with specific guiding principles) that acts as a meeting ground for different aspects of ourselves. In this space we can uncover parts of self that are aligned with our goals, and those that may be quietly holding back, or even sabotaging in the background.

When we bring inner awareness and learn to work with our parts, ensuring that the right parts are active at the right time, and that our vulnerable parts have the support that they need, we bring clarity and alignment to our path, allowing us to manifest our dreams.

Communion with higher self:

Here hypnosis is used to bring the client to the Theta State where they are able to connect with and receive wisdom from their higher (highest) self. The beauty of this process is that it will also reveal any blocks that exist that limit this ability to connect. If blocks present we will explore and clear each one until we are able to achieve clear and direct communication.

Accessing Past Lives/parallel lives:

Some people have patterns of thought and behaviour that they have carried over lifetimes. Past life regression can bring awareness, understanding that brings peace and healing to the source of these patterns creating a ripple effect that manifests as change in the now.

Ancestral clearing:

Now that science is demonstrating that trauma and more can be passed down genetically it is becoming increasingly evident that there are aspects that we are influenced by that we did not personally create. Hypnosis can be a great tool to release passed down patterns and heal ancestral lines.

The mystical garden seat:

Creates an energetic space to meet and interact with a part of self (e.g. inner child aspect), a loved one, or any person with whom you feel you have unfinished business. This gentle process will often leave us with a deep sense of resolution, completion, peace, a bigger picture perspective, and the ability to forgive and move on in lightness.

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