Is this for me?

"As more and more of us turn away from the external droning of the middle-of-the-road reality and find our own inimitable voice to boldly sing ouT WITH, THE RICHER, MORE TRUE, AND MORE SOULFUL OUR INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE REALITY WILL BECOME."

Excerpt from 'Know Thyself' C. Lavers

We live in a world in which our hearts and souls are so often left out of the equation. This can leave us feeling like something is missing from our lives. Embarking on a healing journey with me will begin by looking realistically at how your life looks right now and then exploring how you would ultimately like it to look. We will identify areas that are working and areas that need more focus and attention, and then map out clear and achievable steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

I truly believe that our best life and highest soul expression is written into our DNA. The more we are able to raise our frequency the more we invite this deep knowing to flow into our awareness. Each journey is completely unique.

Are we a good fit?

I believe that the lasting change happens when a person takes ownership of their process. I will never tell what or how you should do anything, rather I will assist  you, using powerful questions and dialogue, to discover your own answers within.

I love the fact that each person I work with has a completely different journey and approach to life. I enter each session without any road maps or expectations, and work to create a space that allows a person's own deep knowing to surface and lead the way forward.  I feel honored to witness the amazing way that each individual has their own unique answers and solutions to overcome challenges on their path.

The list of statements below are designed to help establish whether my style is right for you. I feel that to maximize the likelihood for success it is important that my clients and I are aligned in terms of a basic approach to life.

If you resonate with most of the statements below we have the potential to create a powerful working relationship.

If you want to embrace, but struggle with some of the statements below, we can definitely work together to shift towards an even more empowering  perspective.

If you feel the statements below don't fit you at all then my style of coaching is likely not the right one for you at this time.


I am ready to commit to making positive life changes.

I am willing to take responsibility for my choices.

I celebrate my uniqueness and want to operate from a place of authenticity.

I believe that honesty is necessary to create an  authentic life.

I cannot control everything that happens to me, but I can control how I respond to every circumstance.

I accept that I will encounter challenges.

I am willing to try to see my challenges as opportunities.

I am willing to re-frame my view of failure so that is not a reflection of my ineptitude, but simply feedback informing me that I need to change something about my approach to the situation.

I am ready to increase my levels of self-awareness and self-care.

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