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Play in the Quantum Field 

Guided Hypnosis Meditations

 soundscape experiences that allow us to use our imaginations to

play in the oceans of the quantum field in a way that is safe, deeply nurturing, healing, and empowering

As modern humans we tend to project/invest our consciousness into superficial, externally generated realities (screens/immersive virtual reality). The guided hypnosis meditations I create are intended to do the exact opposite. Instead of projecting (handing over) our consciousness into an external container, we are guided to go deep within ourselves to generate our own empowering and soothing imagery and mind states.

The dreamy tones, evocative sounds and verbal cues support us to access our own power and knowing. Building these states within means that they are ours. They become resources that we can access and draw on to support our journey.

 I feel facilitating a process where the story is animated internally in our mind’s eye helps us to build stronger, more vibrant, and resilient inner worlds. Because the nature of delivery allows us each to at once share the experience, and to personalise the visualisation in a way that makes it more meaningful to us, each experience reflects our own unique way of being and perceiving.

What is the Quantum Field?

 I approach the concept of the Quantum field from a spiritual perspective, I am not a physicist.

The quantum field is the invisible energetic realm of possibility from which all other experiences of realities stem. Our physical reality can be described as an illusion because through the quantum lens we are shown that all is really energy.

One of the most interesting facets of quantum physics is that it proves atoms can influence each other without being in direct or physical contact. There is an energy that is not seen, yet can be physically detected by the behavior of another atom. This is huge because it implies that our mental experiences can affect the behavior of our cells and essentially transform their behavior. It also implies that this ability to influence and be influenced is not dependant on where we are located in time and space.

Imagination is a powerful tool we can all use to access this energetic field of infinite possibility. The imagination is not just a child's means to animate their playtime, it is a powerful tool that allows us to play and explore in quantum field. Einstein arrived at his theory of relativity by imagining himself riding on a beam of light. This playful creative approach allowed him to access information that no one else had yet conceived of!

Our tribal ancestors used sound, storytelling and trance to influence their reality. They believed that by using the power of their collective imagination they could harness energy and shape their reality. If they had an important hunt that would determine the group’s level of well-being for the next few months, they would take a journey together, collectively visualising the event and their desired outcome.

Today when we consider the implications of the quantum perspective, and the fact that we know that the body and unconscious don’t differentiate between events that happen in the real world, or in our imagination, it is easy to see how this process could be incredibly valuable.  I feel we are just grasping the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential usefulness of this type of work for creating change at an individual and collective level.

I see the power of this work everyday at an individual level in the BQH sessions I do. 

In the quantum field we can meet, connect, and transform, knowing that it does not matter where we are located in time and space. 

We are magic ❤

The Ruby Seed- Lions Gate 

Best lying down with headphones and eyes closed

A Cosmic Journey

A Cosmic Journey Best laying down with headphones Connect With the Powerful Energies of the Spiritual Sun In this hypnosis meditation, launched during the Lion Gate portal, listeners are gifted a Ruby Seed. This energetic seed exists within the quantum field and can be accessed at any time, no matter where one is located in time or space. This powerful anchoring tool can connect listeners to divine high frequency energies anytime they bring the seed into their awareness.

Quick RESET 

Best lying down with headphones and eyes closed

Feel great in minutes

In this guided hypnosis we take a quick dip into the quantum field, using the magic of nature to bring us back to a state of peace and balance. Perfect for when you just want to quickly reset your energy!

Best lying down with headphones and eyes closed

A transformative guided sound journey through the realm of shadows. Gentle shadow work to support a return to wholeness.

Lay back, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be carried down into the deep, rich inner darkness to release long held emotional burdens; uncover wonder, magic and beauty; and bring love and healing to the neglected parts of self.

Activating the Cosmic Heart

Best lying down with headphones and eyes closed

This Hypno-meditation is perfect for harnessing and anchoring beautiful love energy 

The Cosmic Heart is the force of pure unconditional love which is at the heart of all Universal Creation. Our hearts are gateways allow us to connect to all that is.

In this hypno-meditation the journeyer is guided into their heart, where a clearing/healing energy flows down into unconscious spreading love to all aspects of self.

After clearing, the heart is connected to the cosmic heart and the journeyer’s own cosmic heart fractal within is activated.

Manifest The Life of Your Dreams

Best lying down with headphones and eyes closed

This hypno-meditation was created to support your ability to manifest the life of your dreams 

This guided hypnosis meditation takes you on a deep journey through the quantum field using the ancient concept of chakras and associated colors to internally build the ideal qualities to manifest the life of your dreams. Please note this is a very powerful piece and requires a level of commitment to fully embrace the process. Can be used daily until desired results are achieved.

Come As You Are

Best lying down with headphones and eyes closed

This hypnosis meditation was created to support parts therapy/shadow work/Inner child work

We are taught to see ourselves as one simple entity, but the more we get to know ourselves the more likely we are to discover the richness and complexity of our inner world. Most of us will have a constellation of internal parts/aspects that have different roles, agendas, alliances, adversaries, and ways of operating and seeing the world.

Some of these parts will operate within the light of consciousness in the foreground, while others will be hiding in the shadows of the unconscious, operating in the background.

When we bring inner awareness and learn to work with our parts, ensuring that the right parts are active at the right time, and that our vulnerable parts have the support that they need, we bring clarity and alignment to our path, allowing us to manifest our dreams.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can be used to deeply connect, understand and heal our inner constellation of aspects of self. Get in touch if this is an area you would like to explore together.

The Divine Mystery

Bestlying down with headphones and eyes closed

This hypnosis meditation was created to support letting go of that which no longer serves and for connecting to the dive mystery inherent in nature

This hypnosis based meditation is perfect for letting of anything that no longer serves, including the core wound of unworthiness, and will remind you that you are part of the mysterious, miraculous divine that flows through all that is. 

Forest Healing

with Mentor

Best lying downwith headphones and eyes closed

This hypnosis based guided meditation was initially created to support a friend going through cancer treatment. It was designed to bring the listener to a beautiful expansive state of consciousness, beyond everyday concerns, fears and stresses.

While your consciousness blissfully floats in soothing alpha or theta state waves (depends on level of focus), metaphor and nature based symbolism, wrapped in a flow of nurturing sounds, assists the body to create conditions that promote deep healing.

It is also a great way to just get away from the hustle and bustle and find a space if inner peace; or to immerse, ground, and connect with nature for those times when communing with the actual natural world is just not possible.

If you enjoyed a meditation please consider donating so that I can keep making them and offering them to the collective without a set price 

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