Shadow Work

A Simple Guide

New Package

Shadow Work

This is a special package designed to for those ready to face their shadows.

The package focuses specifically on healing and integrating shadow aspects including wounded child parts. This package contains two BQH sessions and four coaching sessions. The BQH sessions allow us to work with our spirit team to uncover aspects of ourselves that are ready to move from the shadows into the light of consciousness. The coaching grounds the process through the use of discussion, dialogue and practices designed to bring understanding, healing and integration to these wounded parts of ourselves. When these parts are healed and integrated they shift from sabotaging and self-destructive roles, to aligning with our heart and soul to bring our best life forward.

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Starter Pack For those ready to commence exploring their shadow

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                Additional Support

                 If you feel called I would love to work with you!  

                Working with a coach can be extremely helpful in exploring our shadow sides. A good coach can help

                us see ourselves and situations from different perspectives which expands our ability to see and

                understand our drives. A coach can also assist us to identify aspects that are holding us back by

                asking great questions that go beyond our own patterns and habitual way of looking at things.

                Coaches can also offer us encouragement, support and accountability as we walk through

                uncomfortable territory.

                I also offer BQH hypnosis sessions which are an incredible way to explore our journeys.



               Additional Reading

             I wanted to keep the information in this guide as simple as possible. However for those

            who want to explore further the following articles and books may be helpful.


            Carl Jung and the Shadow: The Ultimate Dark side By Jack E Othon

           Know Thy Self–By Christina Lavers

           Taking Responsibility for our Energy—By Christina Lavers


           Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche by Robert Johnson                     20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=0062507540&linkId=fd7be3e324d5b18a4fb08007f97df108

         Dispelling Wetiko Breaking Curse Evil  by Paul Levy


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